Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch "The Journalism Show" Online!

Here's some gaming related content created by Topher Cantler of The Electric Hydra podcast. As a frequent listener of the podcast I'm aware of how much work Topher puts into this show, so I'd like to help get it out there! Episode 6 was just recently released at Rockmelon Soda. I would strongly recommend watching the previous episodes as well

Embeds of episodes 4 (my favorite) and 6 after the jump.

When a successful CowBear capture wins the Beedog family a trip to the cosmos, Dr. Patches is left alone with an intriguing new friend, and both his and the Beedogs' day takes a turn for the strange.

Mrs. Beedog faces off against the greedy landlord on the downhill in the family car. This episode is a tribute to the Initial D franchise.

Visit for the official TJS website.
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  1. i had never heard of this show but its great, thank you for this

  2. hah - you reward use with gold stars and you accept us to work for free, what are we graphic designers.

    funny stuff

  3. Sweet! I haven't heard of this before now, either! Thanks!

  4. Never heard of this show, I'll have to check it out man.