Thursday, April 28, 2011

Read my exclusive interview (not really) with Destructoid reviewer Jim Sterling

Though some may claim he resembles one who takes residence under a bridge Jim Sterling stands steadfast above his lectern as a freelance games writer (not a journalist) and Reviews Editor for Destructoid.

To be honest, it's not really an interview nor is it exclusive. I actually just asked him a couple of questions on his formspring. But, they were very well thought out questions, and the reason I asked them was because of very blog which means I HAVE to post it here. It just makes sense.

Interview after the jump!

Q: As a content and news writer for various websites, did you need to pick up more advanced web design skills for any reason, such as to correctly format the pages you create on different sites?

A: I've been picking up new skills for video content. I went into that blind and have been teaching myself how to do it. I'm not even competent yet, but I think I'm getting better with each video.

As far as the actual writing side, aside from doing more photoshops, I've not really had to learn anything too intensive. Aside from learning from one's own writing mistakes, all you need to worry about is delivering content. I let the engineers worry about design skills.

Q: In terms of grammar, and structure where did you get most of your writing experience from? Did you learn from taking any specific courses, or has it been mostly through trial and error?

A: Pure trial and error. I've always been an A student in English, but I never really got any qualifications and I don't feel the shitty school I went to did a great job of teaching me.

In essence, I taught myself how to write, which I think eventually worked in my favor, since I have a rather distinct tone to my writing (at least that's what they tell me). Charging headlong into Destructoid really taught me how to become a better, more evocative writer as the years have gone by.

Follow Jim on Twitter to catch his interesting opinion articles, and his up coming Jimquisition episodes being featured on The Escapist Magazine.


  1. good interview, thanks for the post. Also i like how this isnt just a youtube link and 2 sentences

  2. Using Formspring for an interview? Not a bad idea. Good job.

  3. good job on that interview, your questions are indeed interesting!